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Exercise Your Rights or Lose Them

Our founding fathers did not enact the second amendment for hunters, although it protects their right to own guns as well. They enacted the 2nd Amendment to protect the rights of the citizens to own weapons to protect themselves from government tyranny.

The current attempt to argue that it was for hunting is preposterous! At the time the founding fathers enacted the Constitution of the United States and the 2nd Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights guns for hunting were part of everyday life. They would have had no reason to believe that one would need to have their possession of hunting weapons protected. However, they did have experience with tyranny and the need for the citizen to have protection from an over reaching government.

This weekend in Kentucky if you are within driving distance, is a rally where gun-toting Americans can go and exercise that right at the Capitol of the State where it is still legal to open carry your weapons. I don’t live close enough but if I did I would be there. Click here for more information

Want to see the end result of heeding the siren song of gun control whose end aim everywhere it has been implemented is the eventual banning of the ownership of guns by citizens? Get the video Innocents Betrayed and see for yourself the gruesome results of a disarmed citizenry both from their governments and the criminal element of society.

Innocents Betrayed

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