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When I decided to start a blog I had no idea where I would go with it. I am not one to air my laundry in public clean or dirty so I don’t write about personal stuff. Besides you never know who is reading it that might use it against you down the road, so best not to bare your soul on the internet.

As a result this site has evolved into a conglomerate of places I’ve found with my comments added sometimes or just using their own words to promote their sites duly quoted and credit given to the source of the information.

When I find things and sites that interest me I add them here for my visitors so they can take advantage of my footwork.

This blog is a reflection of my social, personal and business interests which tend to be varied and ever-changing.

Married for 25 years to the same guy and mom to two wonderful grown kids.

Licensed Real Estate and Independent Life and Health Insurance Agent also working full-time for the State of Ohio‘s Office of Coastal Management.

US  Air Force Veteran that loves to research, investigate and learn new things.

Since leaving the Air Force I have been worked in various industries a few of the more notable areas where I have gained new skills and knowledge include but are not limited to the US Air Force, Dept. of Defense, State Government, Metals and Mining, Document processing, field engineering, project management, real estate insurance and financial services.

Growing up as the daughter of missionaries I have lived and had the pleasure of experiencing many people and places including The Amazon Rain forest on the Ataquari and Apayacu tributaries,  Iquitos, Peru in South America, Florida, California, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas and most recently Ohio.

I have visited many other places: Leticia and Bogotá Columbia, Lima Peru and Panama as well as many US states and Canada to name a few.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy your visit.


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