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Exercise Your Rights or Lose Them

Our founding fathers did not enact the second amendment for hunters, although it protects their right to own guns as well. They enacted the 2nd Amendment to protect the rights of the citizens to own weapons to protect themselves from government tyranny.

The current attempt to argue that it was for hunting is preposterous! At the time the founding fathers enacted the Constitution of the United States and the 2nd Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights guns for hunting were part of everyday life. They would have had no reason to believe that one would need to have their possession of hunting weapons protected. However, they did have experience with tyranny and the need for the citizen to have protection from an over reaching government.

This weekend in Kentucky if you are within driving distance, is a rally where gun-toting Americans can go and exercise that right at the Capitol of the State where it is still legal to open carry your weapons. I don’t live close enough but if I did I would be there. Click here for more information

Want to see the end result of heeding the siren song of gun control whose end aim everywhere it has been implemented is the eventual banning of the ownership of guns by citizens? Get the video Innocents Betrayed and see for yourself the gruesome results of a disarmed citizenry both from their governments and the criminal element of society.

Innocents Betrayed

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The Benefits of Whole vs Term Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is a Term Life Insurance policy that that has special riders that provide for your mortgage payment to be protected if you become disabled or unemployed. Life Insurance, in particular whole or permanent life is the best investment available for the average individual that would like to leave a legacy to their heirs. In the U.S. Life insurance does not go through probate, is not taxed and your heirs have access to their “inheritance” within a few weeks not months or years. In addition whole life builds a cash value that you can access in emergencies or use it like a retirement plan where you withdraw a set amount monthly or annually just like a pension if you start your policy at a young enough age or infuse it with extra cash being careful not to exceed the 7 pay limit. The illustration that you get when purchasing your policy should indicate what that amount is. If it does not – ask for it! The great thing about whole life is your premium payment never goes up no matter how old you get. While it costs more then Term Life initially over time Term insurance premiums become cost prohibitive and you have nothing to show for them. While whole life premiums stay the same for life. Hence the term “whole life”.

Term Insurance is pure profit to the carrier as the majority of term policies are never paid out. Most are cancelled due to the increasing premium costs long before the policy owner dies. Term Life has it’s uses for protecting your home, short term debt obligations to save you family from financial ruin. However, unless you die young it not very cost effective in the long term.

Abuse of Power

Government Gone Wild! What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

As I write this the FTC is moving to take control of the internet under the guise of net neutrality. I ask – who gets to determine what is neutrality?

Government Gone Wild!!!! There really is no other way to describe what is happening in this great nation. Looking at just the few organizations that I have linked to from my For Patriot’s page you can see how our leaders are constantly chipping away at our freedoms in too many ways all at once making it impossible for the working person to have the time to feed their family and get involved in the fight to push back. It is impossible for any individual to keep track of everything the government is doing on a daily almost hourly basis to intrude, restrict and control our lives. As I find organizations that are trying to push back against this tyranny I try to put them up on this site at least the national ones. I am personally involved in a state organization called the Ohio Project. We collected enough signatures to place a health care freedom act on the Ohio Ballot. Issue 3 is an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that keeps Ohioans from being forced to purchase health care. This, if passed would give the citizens of Ohio the right to opt out of Obama Care. UPDATE- the Health Care Freedom Ammendment was passed in OHIO!!!!

We are not wealthy people so I try I do what I can for the National Organizations. I support them by helping to get the word out for them on this site and other social media. These are some of the organization that I have found that are working to push back against the relentless onslaught of our Government. There is the Fully Informed Jury Association, The Mises Institute, The Tenth Amendment Center, Oath Keepers, GOOOH (get out of our house), Downsize DC and I am sure a host of others that came into existence to push back against the Government Gone Wild Crisis.

What can one person do? I wish I had the answer and some days I just want to throw up my hands and just disconnect from it all. I will keep doing what little I can and hope you will do something for me. If you know of any organization that is fighting the good fight to push back against our government gone wild post a comment to let me know where to find them and I will link to them on this site and promote them with my social media.

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