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Protect Your Savings

This is from a the Silver Saver website

“Historically, silver and gold bullion have acted as a long-term store of value. Thus, they are considered an excellent way to preserve purchasing power.

For example, today it takes nearly the same quantity of silver to buy a gallon of gas as it did 40 years ago. Compare this to our current fiat currency, the U.S. dollar. Forty years ago, gasoline cost 35 cents per gallon. Today, this same gallon costs over $3.50. This means our fiat paper dollars have, when it comes to gasoline, lost nearly 90% of their purchasing power over that 40-year period.’ (Silver Saver 2011)

At Silversaver you can purchase the actual gold or silver precious metals in amounts as little as $25 a month. Watch your savings grow in real not fiat money.” Visit silversaver.com and start saving today.

I found the following financial collapse warning system by John Michael Chambers at the Asset Preservation Institute (API) website very interesting

Asset Preservation Institute

If you are a smoker, learn how to grow your own tobacco and stock up on rolling papers. There are several places where you can purchase seed for growing your own tobacco and the best part is you will be smoking tobacco free of any chemicals or additives. Even if you are not a smoker tobacco has traditionally proved to be a good barter commodity. Tobacco is also a medicinal herb and mypatriotsupply.com has two varieties of tobacco seed.

If you have any medical conditions that require special medications there is a possibility that you may run out of them and not be able to obtain refills in an extended disaster situation. Take some time now and research medicinal herbs that were used in the past to treat your condition. Find and purchase open pollinated seeds for them and experiment with growing them. Also research the recipes and preparation methods required for using them in medicinal teas poltices or powerdered so you will be knowledgeable on how to prepare and administer them if you need to.

Over the years I have tried products from a several companies that sell emergency supplies and foods that can be stored for extended periods of time. One of those quality company is The Ready Store. They have quite an extensive inventory of survival and emergency preparedness items. This one is used by several U.S. Government Departments like State and Homeland Security. It also has a weekly newsletter and frugal Friday other daily specials that can help save your budget for emergency supplies.

If you are looking for open pollinated non-hybrid vegetable and herb seeds as well as emergency supplies a source I have used is mypatriotsupply.com victoryseed.com and territorial seed

If you know someone that might be interested please share this. The better prepared our friends and neighbors are the safer we will all be if disaster strikes.

Above all make sure you bookmark these pages. Even if you are not interested right now, you might be in the future.

Wishing you and your family the best whatever the circumstances.

mypatriotsupply.com – seeds, supplies, long term storage food

The Ready Store – full range of emergency and disaster preparedness supplies free information on how to prepare

Disaster survival guides with printable Checklists from The Urbach letter archives June 2003

Health Insurance Coverage with no Boundaries – expat, overseas health protection, student travel plans, health plans for overseas travel and residency.


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